Why this radio series?
By Host/Producer Julie Hantman

This sweltering, fiery and wet summer has heightened media interest in the climate change story. Still, mainstream media isn't doing a good enough job covering this crisis. Unfortunately the typical dinner table and water cooler conversations stay away from climate change, too. We need novel forms of public conversation to fill these vacuums -- conversations that inform, enlighten and inspire to action. Conversations that are suffused with a strong dose of empathy, given how tough this stuff is to hear, and a local focus that makes it hard to turn away. Those are the aims of this radio series. A longtime DC resident, public health advocate, storyteller, facilitator and former freelancer for public radio, I am dedicated to producing long-form audio and other open formats to heighten public understanding of the climate crisis. Please visit my BIO for more about me. See BELOW to connect on social media. See further below to register for updates on my future projects.

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